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Client Intake Forms (Consent Forms and Waivers)

When booking an appointment, you'll enter your name, phone number, and email address. Appointment forms have been customized to also ask for more information such as health questionnaires, informed consent, and permission for photography or educational training. Some forms even include other important agreements or terms and conditions.

Our intake forms collect other important information on topics like who referred you, what concerns you have, or what your address is.

Not all appointment types have the same forms. A follow-up appointment may include a shorter, more simplified form since we may have already collected the important details on your first visit.

This guide explains how to complete your intake form, and how to edit them later.

Edit forms and questions

You can edit a previously completed intake form up to the time of your appointment, after which the information becomes locked in. You can easily edit your intake form by clicking or tapping the "Edit Forms" button from any of your appointment confirmation or reminder emails.

It is recommended to read through your intake form carefully both at the time of booking, and then again leading up to your appointment date, to ensure that all information is completed, and accurate.