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Email notifications for IVONNE Scheduling clients

At IVONNE, you'll receive automated emails from Acuity Scheduling about your appointments, packages, and subscriptions. The emails are sent from scheduling@acuityscheduling.com.

This guide reviews the notifications and their frequency.

Email notificationDetails
Initial ConfirmationSent immediately after an appointment is booked

RemindersReminders are sent 1 week, 24 hours, and 2 hours (with an SMS)

Sent immediately after an appointment is canceled


Sent immediately after an appointment is rescheduled

Follow-upsFollow-ups are sent 1 day, several weeks, and in some instances 1 year later.
Package/Gift Certificate Order

Sent immediately after a client purchases a package, gift certificate, or subscription.

Subscription Paid

Sent immediately after a client is automatically charged for an ongoing subscription

Subscription Canceled

Sent immediately after a subscription is canceled

Troubleshooting missed appointment notifications

If you are not receiving your email notifications, it could be related to these issues:

Ask IVONNE to Resend confirmation emails

You can request that IVONNE resend the initial confirmation email to your mailbox for your upcoming appointment. It's not possible to resend confirmation emails for past appointments or to resend other types of emails, like reminders. To request that we resend your appointment emails please contact reception.

Add Acuity Scheduling to your safe sender list

If you expected a Scheduling email notification, but didn’t receive it, start by checking your spam or junk mail folder for the missing email. If Scheduling emails are getting caught in a spam filter, please add scheduling@acuityscheduling.com to the safe senders list.

If a spam filter isn’t catching the missing Scheduling notifications, you can try asking your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or email hosting provider that’s receiving the emails to add Scheduling’s email addresses and IP addresses to a trusted sender list. The hosting provider can add the email addresses above or Acuity's mailserver IP addresses: